What a Stayalive Memorial offers you:

  • Create your own Memorial

    Create your own Memorial
    Take precaution and create your own Internet memorial right now. A Stayalive memorial let's you determine what people will find about you on the Internet in the future.

    Additionally use the vault that comes with your Stayalive memorial to store important documents or information in a safe place. These documents will automatically be emailed to the persons of your choice in case of your death.

    Please be aware, that you will not be able to create memorials for other persons still alive.

  • Create Memorials for Friends & Family

    Create Memorials for Friends & Family
    Make those important to you digitally immortal and create Stayalive memorials for friends & family. You may e.g. create a memorial for your departed grand father (but not for others, still alive).

    Additionally you may link your memorial to a "real world" graveyard - that way friends and family of the deceased person can find the memorial easily.

    You determine who may visit your memorial. You can choose between friends, family, registers users or everybody.

  • Photo Galleries & Documents

    Photo Galleries & Documents
    Add photos to your memorial and create galleries of your choice: e.g. "vacation", "family" or "childhood".

    A Stayalive memorial also offers you the possibility to add documents, like pdf files.

    Documents that should not be accessible for your memorial's visitors can be placed in the vault.

  • Family Tree

    Family Tree
    Every Stayalive memorial contains a family tree. Show the memorial's visitors the names of children, grand children, parents and grandparents as well as the spouse and the siblings.

    You may easily link the names in the family tree to other Stayalive memorials you or your friends created.

  • Friends & Family

    Friends & Family
    At Stayalive you may easily "connect" your memorial with friends & family. Just as you know it from other social networks.

    This way everybody connected to your memorial stays informed about photos added or new condolences written.

    Using facebook connect® you will be able to invite your facebook friends with only a few mouse clicks.

  • Account & Reports of Death

    Account & Reports of Death
    Stayalive offers you the possibility to determine one account inheritor. In the case of your death this person will be informed via email and get full access to your memorials.

    There are two ways to inform Stayalive about the death of a memorial owner: Every account comes with a unique "Stayalive Code" (comparable to a credit card number) that can be entered on the site, or a previously defined number of friends informs Stayalive about the case of death.

  • Vault

    Your own memorial comes with a vault for your most important documents or thoughts. You may upload up to 5 documents to your vault and connect them with an email address of your choice. In the case of your death these documents will be send to the connected email addresses automatically.

    This way you may inform your family about existing bank accounts or your existing social media accounts.

  • Individual Design

    Individual Design
    Design your memorial like you want to - for the homepage of your memorial you may choose from a picture from our gallery, upload a photo from your hard drive or use our configuration tool.

    Additionally you will be able to add your CV, hobbies, family recipes or your favourite song-titles.

  • Privacy Settings

    Privacy Settings
    You are in full control when it comes to the privacy settings. You determine if everybody, registered users, friends & family, or just you yourself will be able to see the content of your memorial.

    You can choose from different settings for the time after your obit.

  • ... and much more